Wednesday, April 2, 2008


During the first program session on April 1st, we discussed our impressions of downtown Raleigh and the neighborhoods that we live in.

What we like about downtown Raleigh:
1. Downtown has some BIG buildings
2. My Mom works downtown!
3. It is easy to get from one place to another.
4. You can walk around.
5. I like the Metro Ice Cream Shop.
6. There are lots of different shops and good restaurants.
7. There are lots of museums you can visit.
8. There are a bunch of places to go.
9. The IMAX theater at Marbles!
10.Our school and restaurants.

What we like about the neighborhoods where we live:

1. My neighborhood has a park!
2. I have a lot of friends in my neighborhood and there are places for me to skateboard.
3. My neighborhood has a pool!
4. There are fields and parks to run around in.
5. I wish there more kids my age in my neighborhood.
6. Lots of open space, we have a golf course running through our neighborhood.
7. There are A LOT of kids in my neighborhood.
8. My neighborhood is big and everybody knows everybody else so you feel safe.
9. My neighborhood has two parks near it!

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